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TAMM’s first integrated journey – Moving to a New Home – goes live


TAMM, the first initiative of Abu Dhabi’s Smart Solutions and Services Authority (“ADSSSA”), today saw its inaugural integrated journey – ‘Moving to a New Home’ – go live.

His Excellency Falah Al Ahbabi, Chairman of the Department of Urban Planning and Municipalities inaugurated the journey in the presence of Dr. Rauda Al Saadi, the Director General of Abu Dhabi Smart Solutions & Services Authority.

TAMM is a newly-established initiative aimed at achieving service excellence across Abu Dhabi Government by moving the service delivery model towards a ‘journey’-focused approach. TAMM harnesses innovative technologies that are proactive, fast, and efficient, to enable all entities to work together to offer an integrated and exceptional customer experience in the Emirate.

The first journey, ‘Moving to a New Home’, integrates the services of several government entities as well as private sector partners to make moving homes in Abu Dhabi a smart and smooth journey for all residents.

Users will find the journey personalised to meet their own needs. For example, once they insert their basic information, such as budget and preference to rent or buy, the system will give them options for locations based on their family status. Once the process is complete, they can view and share their registered Tawtheeq contract, subscribe to telephone, electricity and water services, and start receiving neighbourhood updates, from special celebrations to road closures.

His Excellency Falah Al Ahbabi said, “The ‘Moving to a New Home’ journey forms part of a new and an innovative approach to delivering government services. It is also perfectly aligned with our wise leadership’s keenness and commitment to ensuring happiness as a value that unites the UAE community. Through a customer-centric approach, we aim to meet the expectations of our society and raise their living standards.”

Dr Rauda Al Saadi said: “As we move towards a One Government model, we have redesigned an unique end-to-end journey that will give Abu Dhabi residents access to all the services they need to make their everyday life better, more convenient and easier. Our ambition is to enrich every customer’s experience by employing innovative technologies that are proactive, fast, and efficient, transforming them into easy-to-use tools in the hands of the customers, who, after all, are the cornerstone of a positive and happy society.”

She added, “With this new journey, the first of 80 we are launching in the next three years, we focus on moving to a new home. A new home has always been an exciting journey but it is usually filled with difficulties and obstacles. However, through this journey we aim to make the move as easy and smooth as possible.

“The public and private sectors were key partners in the success of this journey, and through TAMM, we will continue to harness these efforts to reinforce the UAE’s leading position in government excellence, and ultimately provide all suitable means of living for the people of the UAE.”

In order to develop this seamless experience, a task force comprising of government entities and private sector partners was formed: Department of Urban Planning and Municipalities, Abu Dhabi Water & Electricity Authority, Department of Transport, Department of Culture & Tourism, Abu Dhabi Police, Telecommunication Regulatory Authority, Etisalat, and Abu Dhabi Commercial Properties.

Abu Dhabi residents can experience ‘Moving to a New Home’ journey by visiting TAMM’s official website (Tamm.abudhabi.ae). Or they can visit the TAMM prototype service centre at Yas Mall, where dedicated staff can help and receive feedback from customers for continuous improvement.

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