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Al Ain Zoo celebrates 50th anniversary with Light Festival


AL AIN: Al Ain Zoo will launch the Light Festival, Zoolightful from Jan.14 until Mar.31. The Festival is the first of its kind in the city, including multiple figures of different sizes, shapes and colours representing wildlife, activities arts and crafts decorating the zoo with dazzling lights. Al Ain Zoo welcomes visitors to join the festival celebrations from 6pm to 10pm.

The festival offers visitors an incredible experience, including six exhibitions of reptiles, lions, birds, plants, flowers and other wildlife components lighting up the zoo and Al Ain sky. At the end of the week, the Glowing Garden is joined by food trucks offering a wide variety of food choices and cuisines, in addition to many choices of snacks and hot beverages for visitors throughout the winter festival days.

Describing the Light Festival, Zoolightful, Omar Al-Blooshi, Director of Marketing and Corporate Communications at Al Ain Zoo, said, “The zoo will look like a luminous galaxy, shimmering with various shapes, sizes, types and colours of lights that dazzle the visitors and surprise them.” He added, “In this festival, we are celebrating several occasions. First and foremost it is our pleasure to offer visitors with experiences and events that suit their interests, and celebrate our 50-year-old zoo amidst local and international success.

“We are also celebrating the end of 2017 and the beginning of 2018, which will be filled with many surprises and pleasant experiences for our visitors. We also did not forget to celebrate the winter season, which is enjoyed by most members of society, young and old. “

The moment the visitors walk in they will be lured into the mesmerising light tunnel, leading them to the Glowing Garden with illuminated figures of animals and plants.

Further they can enjoy viewing artistic paintings and illuminated displays. Towards the end of the Festival, from Mar.25–31, visitors will get the chance to witness the amazing 3D Projection Mapping on the Sheikh Zayed Desert Learning Centre reflecting on its walls, creating paintings and stories allowing visitors to enjoy the performance and immerse themselves in the bright and delightful colours surrounding them in the heart of wildlife.

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